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Does your pet have fleas? Do you think it’s time to have your pet’s nails trimmed? Head to Cedar Hills Grooming with your pet. No matter what pet grooming services in Surrey you are looking for, we can do it for you. Our facility provides a fun, stress-free environment for your pet. Our experienced and trained staff can take care of the needs of your pets effortlessly. We make your pet feel comfortable with us before we start grooming them. We want pets to enjoy their grooming. Anxious ones require a little more time and attention, so they feel relaxed and calm. Whether you would like a haircut, nail trimming or a special conditioning treatment for your pet, you can rely on us. We work with dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. Bring us your pet and let us pamper them with our services. Contact us to schedule a visit today.

The products and services available for your pets are:

Animal hair clipping
Animal nail trimming
Herbal flea shampoo
Pet bathing
Conditioning treatments
Medicated shampoo
Animal ear cleaning
All natural shampoo
Anal gland expression
U-bath option

Friendly Staff for Your Furry Friend

Whether your pet has rolled in wet mud or their nails are an inch long, we can take care of it for you. Our professional and friendly staff can take care of your pet from head to toe. From flea removal to giving your pet a haircut, our staff enjoys spending time with your pets. We love getting to know them and making them comfortable. So next time you want your cat or dog to look nice and smell great, bring them to us.


 Bring in your pets to make them look clean and smell great. 

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